Promotional backpacks are a great way to market your brand. This is best achieved by students going back to school. Decorate a bag and have hundreds of students marketing your brand!

Promotional Sage Backpacks

Head back to school with these promotional sage backpacks. These carry bags are neat, simple, and practical. They are perfect for any student attending high school or university. The bags are made from a unique colour that will catch the attention of onlookers. It features ample space for textbooks, stationery, a laptop, a lunchbox, and water bottles. The bag also has a black nylon carry loop for mobility. Get this decorated with your brand name today!

Logo Decorated Cotton Calico Backsacks

If you prefer a simple carry bag, look no further than this logo decorated cotton calico backsack. This drawstring bag is perfect for light carrying and mobility. It features a natural colour making it work well with any outfit or uniform. Students can easily transport their key items to and from school. This bag is also eco-friendly, made from 140gsm all-natural cotton. Emblazon this product with your brand name for easy promotion.

Personalised Caribee Rhine

These premium personalised Carbee Rhine bags are essential for any student. This top tier backpack is great for carrying heavy loads like textbooks and laptops. It features multiple compartments for extra storage and a 35L capacity! You can easily get this bag customised with your brand name or logo. Promote your brand as students go back to school with the Caribee Rhine bag!