If there's one thing Aussies enjoy doing over the summer months, it's getting outdoors and indulging in a picnic or BBQ. This is why your marketing campaign, promotional giveaway, or corporate gift program will benefit immensely from investing in some of the promotional cooler bags Planet Bags has available this summer.

Logo Branded Chiller Bags for Australians

Promotional Cooler Bag Seats

One of the most popular options for organisations seeking to provide corporate gifts is these excellent value Pinga Cooler Bags that also function as a seat! Each bag is 11 litres in size, meaning it can hold up to 24 cans of drink. Planet Bags also decorates each chiller bag with your printed or digitally transferred logo design. No wonder Aussies love taking the Pinga bag to sporting events, picnics, trade shows, and more.

Classic Promotional Chiller Bags

If you're keen on a more traditional chiller bag, the logo emblazoned Asteroid Promotional Backpacks make great gifting options. Take your lunch or picnic kit with you wherever you go using these easy-to-carry bags that sit comfortably on your back. Planet Bags decorates the Asteroid chiller with your logo so you can give them to recipients and enjoy ongoing promotion everytime the cooler is used (which is often over an Aussie summer).

Lunch Sized Logo Cooler Bags

And finally, for those looking to keep their lunch or snack cool while on the move these Single Cooler Bags are the perfect option. We print your logo directly onto the front, and you can use these bags as bulk promotional items or as tip-on incentive gifts. Small in size, each bag fits lunch or snacks comfortably making them ideal for those on a budget or anyone seeking a small daily use chiller bag.

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