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Custom Made Bags

Custom Made

Custom Made Bags

Consider custom made bags online just for you and your event. At Planet Bags we can supply custom made bags in Australia that are tailor made just for you. Utilise our experience and knowledge in creating professional promotional bags that perfectly match your requirements.

Before you consider between choosing a bag that is from our stocked range of products, or through our Custom Made (Indent) Service, you should be aware that a custom made bag for your event typically takes a lot more production time, compared to our regular stocked bags. Through our custom made service, time taken is:

1) 5 weeks for bags to be air freighted from China to Australia


2) 11 weeks for bags to be sea freighted from China to Australia

Bulk Buy Orders Only

The Minimum order quantity is typically 500 pieces (for backpacks, satchels, sports bags).

Advantages of Using Our Indent Bag Service

    Make It Happen      Indent Service

Many Australian businesses have found that using our custom made bags (also known as Indent Bags) allows them to have many advantages including:

1) Lower Price for Each Bag

A custom made bag for large orders will always provide you with lower prices, compared to the equivalent stocked item. The bag that you order will be custom made for you and as the bags will be delivered direct to you, there is no cost incurred in stocking the product. The difference this will make to the price is huge. So if you need a lot of bags and can wait, then definitely consider using our indent custom made bag service.

2) Ability to Choose Fabric Type

The selection of fabric that goes into making your bag cannot be underestimated. The fabric of a bag will realistically be a third of the entire cost component that goes into production and delivery. It will also make a huge difference to how your bag is used, perceived and re-used. Fabric choices available to you for bags include:

- Fabric weight (measured in GSM)

- Fabric type: nylon, cotton, jute, polyester, canvas

Different fabrics allow for bags to be used in different ways. Each fabric has its own aesthetic look, as well as the ability to withstand weight. Each fabric also has different characteristics when it comes to water resistance and durability.

3) Customisable Colour and Trim Options

Compared to our stocked items, a custom made bag allows for a great range of personalisation. Fabric, thread colour and materials can all be customised with your choice of colour options as well as logo branding options. This allows a huge amount of flexibility in creating a bag that fits your event or corporate colours perfectly.

4) Additional Accessory Options

Bags are a lot more multi-functional today than they have ever been. Options to accessorise your bag further include:

- Choice of zipper options (for satchels, backpacks and sports bags)

- Choice of earphone rubber outlets for any style of bag

- Choice of attaching external water bottle carriers

- Choice of adjustable strap length buckle

- Matching detachable compartment bags

5) Additional Feature Options

To make a bag convenient for your recipient, it is good to consider how they will be using the bag. Extra features will help in making your bag more useful. Consider adding features onto your item by adding things like:

- Pen and pencil pockets

- Pockets for smartphones

- Pockets for tablet devices

- Pockets for business cards

These are but some of the advantages you can gain by having a bag that is custom made just for you. Find out more information about our bags by making an enquiry with us at, or simply call us on 1300 858 288.