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Full-Colour Printed Bags

Full-Colour Printed Bags

The most exciting method to personalise bags today has to be Dye Sublimated Heat Transfer Print. Using this method to brand onto bags will lead to a full colour printed bag that is beautiful and with a finish that is close to being photograph quality. In other words, it creates a perfect full colour print of your branded graphic onto your promotional bag.

So how exactly is Dye Sublimated Heat Transfer Printing done and why is the name so long? Well, read on to find out more.

  Transfer Printing

Digital Transfer Printing Technique

Also known as Digital transfer printing, this branding process requires the assistance of computers, a special printer and your desired bag of course. The process of using this method to brand is similar to a colour printer that you may use at home and it is a 3 step process.


Step 1:

We transfer your print graphic onto a sheet of paper, which in our industry is called a "transfer" sheet. This piece of paper is printed using computer software and a special printer, which dispenses a unique liquid ink. The special properties make this ink behave in a different manner when heated (a process which I will outline below). The "transfer paper" is also worth a mention. These special sheets of "transfers" facilitate the transfer of ink onto your bag.

Step 2:

Align the printed transfer sheet (which will now have your print graphic) and place on top of the bag where you would like the decoration. Our bags typically feature a larger, flat and uninterrupted process to facilitate branding.

Step 3:

We feed the bag through a special machine that utilises heat and pressure. Typically, we apply a 175 degrees Celsius for the most vibrant colour print processes. However, higher temperatures up to 215 degrees Celsius are useful for more vibrant prints. After a short period, the machine will signal when it has finished. Your image has now been transferred from the backing paper and onto the bag.

Are Prints Made With This Method Permanent?

Prints that are created using transfer printing are typically very durable. The branding process allows images and colours to adhere to the fabric of a bag much stronger than even screen printing, because the ink is infused into the fabric at a molecular level, as opposed to merely ink drying on the surface of a bag (which is what screen printing is). The heat combined with the special compound in ink absorbs into the fabric.

Advantages of Full-Colour Transfer Printing

The main advantage of full-colour transfer printing is:

  • - Branding is extremely durable, almost permanent in fact. Fading or peeling of the graphic will not occur.
  • - Amazing full-colour vibrant prints are possible
  • - Larger prints can be done (compared to embroidery)

When We Do Not Use Transfer Printing

The main disadvantage of transfer printing is the comparatively high cost. This branding process is typically three times more expensive than screen printing. Thus, this method is not as popular as screen printing.

  High Cost

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