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Promotional Bag Designs & Styles

With a dozen different styles of bags, it can be confusing for you to select the promotional bag that is right for your event. Other than purchasing your bags at a low price, you would also need your bags to be re-used, so that your guests will continue to get the maximum amount of benefit from the bag while reflecting on your logo branding.

Here you will find a summary, along with recommendations, regarding how other recipients have used their promotional bags. We have also provided recommendations on the average type of person that will be using a particular style of bag.

The Backpack

  Back Pack

Backpacks feature a double shoulder strap. Also very popular are backpacks that feature a hand carry handle on the top

- Backpacks are bags that have two shoulder straps on the back that enable you to carry contents around and leave your hands-free. They come in sizes ranging from small to large. Generally speaking, they have greater carry area than a satchel.

- Sling Bags - Worn over the shoulder, these bags have a unique look and style that's all their own. A sling bag features a single shoulder strap for one shoulder. The unit is intended to be carried diagonally across your chest, instead of around your shoulder.

- Back Sacks - Just like a regular backpack, but made with either polyester or non-weaved fabric. These are usually very floppy and come in a range of vibrant colours. Fabulous as an option for conferences or students.

The Satchel Bag

    Satchel Bag

Satchel Bags are a style of bag that features 1 strap on either end of the bag, which allows the user to sling over one shoulder or across the chest. These bags are as popular as backpacks and are a great substitute for the backpack. They typically are smaller in size though, so they are best used to carry a smaller volume of items. What it lacks in sheer size though, the satchel bag makes up for it in terms of convenience and versatility.

How Satchels are Worn

Satchel bags are usually worn by slinging the strap across one shoulder vertically, or across the chest diagonally.

The Briefcase

    Brief Case

A briefcase tends to be a bag that is rigid in structure. In fact, they are almost like a box, although modern briefcase bags are now being made using softer more flexible materials such as leather, faux leather and polyester.

If making a serious impression is important or if you merely prefer the rigid structure of a bag to enable you to access items easily, then the briefcase bag is for you. A good briefcase typically will complement your working outfit and is the go to option if you are working in a professional field.

Briefcases that are large enough to accommodate a laptop computer are becoming more and more common. They do not provide as much protection compared to a dedicated laptop bag, but when needed, a well made briefcase is certainly up to the task.

How Briefcases are Worn

A briefcase is typically held via a carry handle. Increasingly, many options now also feature a shoulder strap to enable it to be carried around in a similar fashion to a satchel.

The Sports Duffle Bag

   Sports Bag

Also commonly known as a barrel bag, a duffle bag is distinct in both its shape as well as how it is held. A sports duffle bag is generally long like a rectangle. Its sheer size and volume is unmatched and you will generally find they all feature a single huge space for you to utilise.

Duffle Bags are the ultimate sports bag for sporting teams and clubs. They easily have enough space to feature sports shoes and even sporting equipment.

A sports duffle bag is typically used by either carrying two handles attached on opposite sides of the bag, or they are slung over a single shoulder. Keep in mind that these bags are big and bulky. If you were after a subtle compact bag, this will not be the best option.

Tradeshow Bag Styles

    Tote Bag

Tradeshow bags are immediately characterised by 3 key features:

  1. They are low in price

  2. Large empty areas for personalisation

  3. Tend to be quite floppy

Some of the most popular Tradeshow bags are listed and described below here:

The Non Woven Tote Bag

Non woven material is a synthetic type of material that is used to create bags. The non woven material is such a versatile type of material, that it has spawned a category of bags all by itself.

Bags that are made from non woven material are unique in that they are instantly recognisable. The fabric flexibility, surface pores as well as the consistent solid colours, are all instantly recognisable.

The non woven material used to create our bags are created from polypropylene, which is a material created from petroleum. New and exciting materials which are more environmentally friendly are being introduced into our range though.

Bags made from this material tend to be shopping bags, however this material also works well with other types designs, such as a satchel or even backpack design.

The Cotton Calico Bag

Cotton bags are characterised by bags that are made from natural fibres. Most cotton calico bags are either a bone colour, which is very natural in aesthetic, or they are bleached in white. However, coloured calico bags in blue, green, yellow and red are becoming more and more popular.

Cotton bags are very floppy and are not waterproof. Many people like the look of cotton bags as they get older due to the rustic feel and look of the bag.

These are low in cost, which makes them perfect for handing out in conferences. They are equally as popular with students as library bags. They are versatile enough to be used by themselves or used as a bag to carry specific items within a larger overall bag. An example of this would be as a shoe bag to be placed into a large duffle bag.

Any style of bag that can be created using non woven materials can be made using cotton.

The Paper Shopping Bag

Paper bags come in both small and big sizes. Bags made from paper come in Kraft paper, which tear relatively easier and are cheap, or laminated bags that are more tear resistant and expensive.